There’s more to acoustics than just music

Industrial noise can negatively affect those exposed to it. To keep everyone safe, it is necessary to minimise the level of sound in workspaces and other parts of sites. To do this, you need specialist equipment. Our establishment provides some of the best solutions in the form of gas vent silencer designs and many others.

People like to throw the word “acoustics” around a lot. When this happens, it is frequently perceived as primarily concerning music. Few link the word to the physics of daily activities in an open environment or building. Then there is the Merriam-Webster definition of the word. Here, it is the science that deals with the reflection, reception, transmission, control, and production of sound.

Avoid assuming when someone states they work with acoustics that theirs is a musical career. It is something that has all sorts of fields to it. They could in fact be involved in building remediation to tackle noise. They could even produce products like a gas vent silencer.

Acoustical engineering is an essential component of acoustics. In this post, we will be exploring specific parts of it.

What is it?

Acoustical engineering is a branch that focuses on dealing with vibration and sound. Normally, acoustic engineers concern themselves with noise control. A career here typically involves considerable knowledge of mathematics and physics. Also, you often need a bachelor’s degree from an engineering discipline.

Noise control

This is an exceptionally important part of acoustical engineering. It is also the one we have the most interest in.

Here the objective is to suppress sound. This could simply be to enhance the quality of life or to make a space safer. Or, it could be to meet environmental regulations. Noise pollution is a problem that is becoming increasingly important to deal with. It is a motivation for the creation of strategies to minimise it. This is via the addition of an enclosure encompassing the noise source or a silencer. In some cases you may need both plus other measures too.

Speak to us if you want a gas vent silencer

At Ventx, we have more than a decade of experience in silencer design. Noise is something that is especially tricky to predict accurately. Levels can differ because of things like the fabric of a building, the shape, or the layout. Then you have to consider the equipment you use and your operations. By using our sophisticated computer software though, we can design a product that meets all your needs. It lets us see the noise level that is most likely to occur. We can then blend the data with our experience to come up with a solution.

So, if you would like to work with us to create a gas vent silencer or another product, you are welcome to get in touch. We can help to make facilities and sites safer by reducing industrial noise.