The troubles with natural gas compressor noise

High noise levels are a problem, but this often isn’t a situation that is impossible to resolve. All you need are the right solutions. We provide these items to clients in many industries. Ventx has years of experience and can offer the perfect silencer designs. We can give you natural gas silencers as well as various other models to suit a host of needs.

Oil and gas development can be very noisy

Noise from gas and oil development comes from several sources. Examples include completion and drilling, refining, and truck traffic to name some. If you want to reduce it, you need to look at each source.

For certain landowners, noise from oil and gas operations is incredibly disruptive and of a very different sound quality. As a result, it makes them feel as if they are residing in an industrial zone. The presence of a new industrial noise source could disturb the natural soundscape. This is true for those who live in a rural area. It has even driven many people from their homes.

Landowners often complain about noise levels from natural gas compressors. The noise level changes with the distance from the compressor and the machine’s size. It can also change with wind direction. Depending on which way the wind is blowing, you can hear a field compressor’s roar three or four miles from the site. Close to the stations, people may need to shout for someone else to hear them over the sounds.

Mental and physical effects of noise

There are considerable mental and physical effects from this kind of noise. For instance, an extensive exposure to 65 dBA can result in bodily and mental fatigue. Moreover, noise is able to influence the quality and quantity of sleep. It can cause permanent hearing damage too. Furthermore, it can make contributions to the aggravation or development of circulatory and heart diseases.

The noise is also capable of turning an initial annoyance into extreme behaviour and emotional response. It can therefore have a huge impact on people’s wellbeing. To avoid all of these problems, you should utilise a silencer.

Designing natural gas silencers for any setting

We are experts at providing the right silencer designs to our clients. We make sure everything will work efficiently without undermining your own systems. They can even help to make them more effective.

Our natural gas silencers will be able to benefit you and your visitors. Also, by using them, you will be complying with the UK’s environmental standards. So, if you would like to do business with Ventx, feel free to get in touch.