Industrialisation and poor urban planning leads to noise pollution

There are various necessary evils out there. One that we fight to keep under control though is noise pollution. When people experience noises that are too loud for too long a time, there can be major consequences. We help by supplying blow off silencer products, as well as various other models. They can help to make industrial operations much quieter.

The majority of individuals acclimatise to the noises they hear each day. It could be loud traffic, pets, or the television. All of these have become a part of urban life and don’t disturb us that much. However, when noises start giving you headaches or keeping you up at night, they qualify as noise pollution. To help you understand the issue, we are going to discuss some of the common causes of it.


This is one of the most common sources of the problem. Many industries in the world make use of huge machines. These have the capacity to create massive amounts of noise. On top of that, equipment like grinding mills, exhaust fans, and compressors can be very noisy.

You are likely familiar with the sight of employees in these industries and factories wearing earplugs. However, extensive exposure in the long run can be damaging even with PPE. The noise can also escape the site and disturb both the wider area and the environment. For this reason, it is wise to install a silencer ASAP.

Bad urban planning

In the majority of developing countries, bad urban planning plays a pivotal role in the noise levels. Fighting over parking, big families sharing small spaces, and congestion all result in noise pollution. Additionally, there might be industrial and residential properties in close proximity. The noise from the industrial site can hinder the well-being of those living nearby. Again, a great solution would be for the industrial site to use silencers.

Speak to us if you need a blow off silence or another model

At Ventx, we do everything in our power to provide clients with the most suitable silencers. Whatever the source of the noise, we will use our acoustic modelling software to design the ideal solution. It will provide excellent results for the long term.

So, please contact our team if you would like to work with us. We can give you advice about blow down silencer design or discuss what we can do with other models. Our team have experience in various industries too, ensuring you can benefit from our excellent resources.