The trouble with the subconscious glandular response

Noise pollution is a major environmental problem as well as being dangerous to people and wildlife. To fight against it, we provide clients with a wide variety of silencers. The designs we specialise in include the blow down silencer and other models. With our utensils, you will be able to minimise the noise from things like duct work, compressors, pipes, valves, and generators.

There are multiple forms of pollution that can harm you. Air pollution for instance can be particularly devastating to your health. Noise can be worse, even though you might not realise the damage it causes. The sounds can originate from a variety of sources. The three most damaging ones are industrial machinery, commercial construction projects, and vehicles. Those residing in the city and industrial areas are more at risk than people in rural parts of the UK. More projects occur in these places after all.

The negative effects

Noise pollution has some severe negative effects on people. These range from a decline in hearing to substantial psychological reactions. There is one issue in particular we would like to talk about here though. This would be the subconscious glandular response.

The body continuously secretes hormones. These are ones that stimulate the necessary organ functions that keep us happy and healthy. However, according to research, noise pollution can interfere with this.

Think about how you respond when you hear a siren or car crash. There tends to be a physical response as well as an emotional one. The former is one you can’t control. When your body recognises aggressive noises, it signals the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline. This is why our bodies feel like they are out of control during these times. The body shall activate its fight or flight response. This causes you to temporarily lose control of your senses. Even when the noise pollution is subtle, the effects will happen on a small scale.

The problem here is it can have a negative impact on your nervous system and overall health. That is why tackling noise is very important to protect people on a site and nearby.

Ask us about blow down silencer designs and more

At Ventx, we make it a point to provide every client with the right silencer. To accomplish this, we use special acoustic modelling software. It allows us to analyse your systems and design a silencer that does not interfere with them. We can do this for all kinds of facilities in any location in the UK.

So, if you need us to produce a blow down silencer for you or any other type, please let us know. With our help you can reduce your noise pollution to be more conscientious to employees and the public.