How are birds affected by noise pollution?

There are many sources of noise. This fact requires us to develop silencers for all sorts of situations. For example, we can provide an installation to deal with noise coming from a discharge vent. Or, we can offer products for noisy machinery, HVAC systems, and more. When we finish with our work, you will have the perfect silencer at your disposal.

Harm to birds

According to research from 2018, birds that constantly get exposed to the noise emitted by gas compressors display some awful symptoms. These are ones not unlike those in humans experiencing PTSD. The study was from the Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences. Researchers found that nestlings and adults of three species revealed several signs of chronic stress. The cause was noise pollution. These signs include skewed stressed hormone levels. This could be because of hyper vigilance, distraction, and anxiety due to the sounds.

Those who conducted the study found that noise can substantially affect the birds’ fitness and health. It could even lead to them producing fewer hormones as a way of protecting themselves. In addition, they had a look at each species to see which had the greatest tolerance to noise. Western bluebirds were the most tolerant, but the noise still had a big impact on the survival odds.

An acoustic blanket

Continuous noise could be operating as an acoustic blanket. It mutes those audio cues birds depend on to find competitors and predators. They also use these cues to find their own species. Unable to figure out whether the environment is secure, mother birds need to make a choice. They either need to hunt for food or stay on guard at the nest. In some cases, that can leave the nest vulnerable and reduce hatching rates.

As for nestlings in the noisiest settings, they had lower feather development and smaller body sizes. This could also potentially lower their chances of survival. Hatching rates in general were lower in response to the loud noise too.

Choose silencers for each discharge vent and other noise sources

Industrial settings can fight against these issues by installing silencers in their facilities. It can result in less harm to nearby birds because the noise level will be lower.

At Ventx, we carefully match our silencers to the application. To do so, we use our special acoustic modelling software. This analyses your systems, enabling us to design and manufacture the ideal silencer. We also consider the surroundings to ensure we can address the amount of noise that escapes into the wider environment.

We design a silencer that can help you with a discharge vent if it is particularly noisy. Plus we can offer solutions for most other noise sources. So, please give us a call if you would like to work with us.