The significance of source control

Due to the ways in which noise can impact people and the environment, we must find ways of reducing it in industrial settings. Our solution is to supply top calibre silencers. We can offer a full array of models, including diffuser silencer designs as well as many others. These products are excellent because we design each one to ensure it fits perfectly with your system.

In any work setting, there are all sorts of reasons to keep sound levels to a minimum. For example, the noises can distract people and produce an unsafe environment. When there are distractions it can also have a big impact on productivity. Hearing loss is another potential problem that employers need to think about. Should any of these negative conditions exist, it becomes essential to eliminate, reduce, contain, or control the noise.

Look at the source of the noise

Source control is one of the most important steps in noise reduction. All noises originate from somewhere, whether it is noisy machinery, a HVAC system, or something else. It can be really useful to address the problem at the sources rather than later down the line.

If you have projects in the design phase, you should attempt to specify the quietest operating gear from the outset. This might not fully get rid of the potential for noise. However, your control endeavours will be far easier. It can also give you a better idea of how much you may need to spend on silencing measures.

What if it is not possible?

Unfortunately you may already have noisy systems. That means you can’t ensure you use the quietest equipment from the start. Instead you will need to put all of your effort into silencing them.

Luckily, there are several different things you can do here to tackle the noise. Ideally what you will need is a combination of materials that will provide sound blocking, dampening, and absorption. You can install them on noise reflecting surfaces close to the source.

In addition, you can look at path control. Even a small alteration here could mean a much smaller amount of noise will reach receivers. Again you can use materials that will block, dampen, or absorb sound.

On top of that you can also use specialist silencers. You can install them at various points along the sound path to address the problem.

Let us design a diffuser silencer for you

Ventx has a lot of experience with industrial noise. We understand how much of an issue it can be and the harm it can cause. Our goal is to help clients to address it so that their sites are safer. This can also protect the environment and people who live near to the site who may have to deal with the loud sounds.

You can contact us for help if you are unsure whether you need a diffuser silencer or another model. We have a wealth of experience and will suggest the right model for each situation.