Knowing when noise becomes a concern

The issues associated with loud noises are hard to correct. Some are irreversible once they appear. Before they can fully manifest, you should take steps to reduce the sound levels. We can offer you a first rate solution in the form of our in-line silencer. In addition, there are several other designs we can provide. These products can lower noise in various settings, including different industrial facilities.

One problem with noise management is that many people don’t recognise when the noise should be a concern. We are going to discuss the matter here so that you know what signs to look for.

Quieter noises

With the lowest extreme, when you can’t notice noise, there is no effect. As you increase your noise exposure, it shall become more and more noticeable. Yet, the sound won’t have any negative influence if the exposure does not cause any changes to attitude or behaviour. These quieter sounds only slightly affect an area’s acoustic character. However, it won’t to the point where there is a quality of life change. If your noise exposure is at this stage, you won’t need to use any specific measures.

Increasing exposure

As the exposure begins to increase more, it passes the lowest level. Here, the noise begins to create small alterations to attitude and behaviour. At this point, you must consider mitigating the effect.

Significant noise

Increasing your exposure to noise shall eventually lead to you crossing the significant observed adverse effect level. Above this stage, noise leads to a material change in behaviour when it is present. You should do everything in your power to prevent the noise from reaching this stage. The best solution you can use is an industrial silencer.

Let us design an in-line silencer for you

At Ventx, we are more than capable of providing you with the perfect silencer. Thanks to our acoustic modelling software, we can create a product that will fit in with your own systems. This is important because the last thing we want is for it to compromise a system.

If you wish to discuss the details with us, feel free to get in touch. We have the skills to deliver an in-line silencer that will be a real benefit to your facility and the surroundings. So, rely on us whether noise is an issue or you want to be proactive.