The right approach to handling diesel generator noise

In order to deal with the noise emanating from industrial facilities, you need the right tools. We have many years of experience supplying products that tick all of the boxes. So, our team will make sure you have the ideal silencer or attenuator every time. This could be inline silencers for various needs or a different style.

One noisy piece of equipment you might encounter in an industrial setting is the diesel generator. The benefits of using them can include long lifespans, reliability, and fuel savings. Such advantages make it simple to see why they have become the backup or primary power source for many users. These benefits might factor into your selection too. However, you must also think about how loud your gear will be. You have to be able to take steps to counter this.

How to address the sound?

When tackling noise reduction for these generators, there is an essential fact you need to keep in mind; you can’t base your expectations for contemporary designs on those noise levels from models from years ago. In the past, noise ratings would go up along with the size and power. That is not always the case today though. You may not need to sacrifice power in the name of lower noise levels.

Instead, if you must focus on noise reduction for your diesel generator, you need to think about the most effective solutions. This could include using inline silencers and other methods of attenuation like noise barriers or enclosures.

Use a silencer

Of all the solutions, using a silencer is one of the most effective. With generators, they can do the same job a muffler does for cars.

You can find all sorts of silencers, but they fall into three basic categories. These are absorptive, reactive, and combination models. The first one normally utilises fibreglass insulation. The second has chambers to help trap noise. As for combination models, they combine the features of the other two designs. So, they are often the best choice.

Ask us about inline silencers and other models

At Ventx, we have over a decade of experience in industrial silencer design. Our team serves numerous industries too, like Service and Petro-Chem. The solutions we offer to clients are both practical and cost efficient, making them a great investment.

So, if you need to use our inline silencers or another solution, please give us a call. We can help tackle generator noise on any site, from construction to busy factories and facilities.