The noise may be coming from leaking refrigerant or electrical problems

We are a team of experts specialising in industrial silencer design. Our technicians create a wide array of models for all sorts of circumstances. They do so by using acoustic modelling software to examine your systems and figure out a solution. We can do this to produce a gas vent silencer, an in-line model, or any other style.

Noisy vents can be annoying to say the least. However, the noise could be pointing to major trouble. Hearing some noises when your HVAC system is operational is normal. It is once you start hearing things like grinding, clicking, or squeaking that you need to look into it. The following are some issues that can produce noisy air vents.

Refrigerant leaks

For one thing, there might be a leaking refrigerant line. A leak like this will produce bubbling or hissing sounds. Additionally, these noises can link to compressor problems and valve leaks. Whatever the case, these could be dangerous concerns. Therefore, you should not attempt to take care of things on your own. If you hear bubbling or hissing through your vents, turn the system off and consult a professional.

Are your electronics in order?

Another potential cause of noise can be electrical control concerns. You may notice a sort of clicking noise when your air shuts off or kicks on. This is a normal sound. Constant clicking though could mean problems with the thermostat. Furthermore, there might be a disruption to the system relay.

You may be able to rectify the problems you have with your systems but there could still be loud noises. In this scenario, you should consider installing a silencer to resolve the issue.

Talk to us to create a gas vent silencer

At Ventx, we combat the issue that is noise pollution using our specialist silencer designs. With them, you can control the noises coming from all kinds of systems and equipment. You are able to do so without our installations undermining your current systems. In fact, often our clients find their maintenance also becomes easier because of the silencer’s performance.

So, if you require a gas vent silencer, please let us know. We can provide products for all kinds of needs.