Do I need to measure noise levels in my workplace?

There are various ways to tackle noise in different workplaces. The most effective one however would be to use silencers. We have been specialising in this particular field for many years. Using sophisticated technology, we can design the perfect model for your facility. We then manufacture it and can arrange delivery and installation. We can do this for in-line silencer designs and countless others.

Before you purchase any noise-countering measures, you may ask if you need to measure the noise levels at your workplace. In many instances, you can prepare a hazard assessment here without measuring the sounds. However, you need to base the measurements on dependable information. Also, it has to include a realistic approximation of worker exposure.


It could be useful for you to observe work activities and measure noise exposure time. You can then use this to estimate the amount of exposure that occurs during a full shift.

There could be an employee that is exposed to sound from multiple work or tool procedures in a normal day. In this situation, you must collect details about the probable noise levels, as well as exposure times, for every source. That will help you to get a clearer idea of the risk and if you need to take steps to mitigate the noise.

Other details to use

You can also use the details from suppliers or manufacturers about the noise levels their gear produces. This will help you to calculate the daily exposure. This is unless you have a reason to believe the information is not valid. To give an example, the equipment or machinery might be being used in ways not recommended by the manufacturers or suppliers. There could be other situations where the noise exposure is being altered or increased too.

Install an in-line silencer or another model

If you conclude that noise levels in your workplaces are too high, you should consider investing in a silencer. They can help to maximise safety and often improve performance too.

The industrial silencers we offer at Ventx allow you to manage the noise coming from numerous sources. This includes things like fans, duct work, and generators. By using our acoustic modelling software, we can analyse your systems and create a suitable solution for you.

So, if you require an in-line silencer or something similar, please let us know. We work with clients in many industries, so rely on our expertise.