The noisy vent may be due to its shape or gauge ratings

Industrial noise is a problem you have to tackle at the source as soon as you notice it. The source in question could be one of many things. One example is a discharge vent. If this is the situation you are in, we can manufacture a silencer that can work wonders for you. Using our acoustic modelling software, we will be able to design something that fits in perfectly with your systems and equipment.

With heating and A/C vents, you should expect some noise. Popping sounds for instance are entirely natural. They occur during a shift of hot or cold air through your property. When you are warming the building, your ductwork is going to expand from the hot air. With cold air, the opposite happens. The popping is your ducts starting to shift to meet the temperature requirements.

However, if you have particularly noisy heat vents or A/C systems that make other noises, something is probably wrong. It may also be due to the design of your ducts.

One shape is louder than the other

The model of duct you have in your property might be producing more sounds. Shape is one of the biggest influences of duct noise levels. Ducts come in a multitude of shapes, including rectangular, square, and round. The last is the quietest, with rectangular being the loudest. The angular corners are the cause because they create more air turbulence.

Gauge ratings

These can influence the noise too. If you have metal ducts, then the material utilised to make them will have a gauge rating. When the scores are lower, the metals will be stronger and thicker. Consequently, your ducts will have a lower chance of popping and expanding. When there is more popping than usual, the metal may be thinner and weaker.

If you have especially noisy vents that are causing issues, you can use one of our silencers. They will lower the noise to acceptable levels.

Silencing each discharge vent

At Ventx, our silencers allow you to manage the noise that comes from all kinds of sources. In addition to the discharge vent, examples include fans, generators, and compressors. These devices will benefit everyone who enters and spends time in your property. Not to mention, they will allow you to follow the UK environmental standards.

So, if you need one of our silencers, please don’t hesitate to ask.