The facts about noise in the compressed air industry

Taking on noise pollution alone is difficult without the right utensils. Thankfully, our business provides a readily available source of silencing tools. What we do is supply a wide array of silencers to suit most needs. This includes designs like the blow down silencer. Each one is tailored to our clients’ requirements so they will be appropriate for your particular facilities.

One of the leading working environment problems is noise. It is something that can negatively impact our mental and physical wellbeing. In the worst case scenario, there will be permanent damage. How employees are influenced by it depends on the time the person is exposed to the sound and the level.

Blowing with compressed air

A main source of noise in industry settings is blowing with compressed air. When you do this, it is essential that you utilise the right gear. It is especially important when you do it manually with an air blow gun. The operator is going to be right near the noise source here, so the risk is very high. Air nozzles and air blow guns normally produce sound levels over the acceptable limit on 8-hour work days.

Noise is produced when your compressed air expands out of your set up. It produces turbulence as it moves. To impede the sound, you have to minimise and control the latter.

Another fact to note here is that having a high noise level does not mean there is a decent blowing force. This is an out of date misconception. Thanks to newer technologies, you can combine a strong force with a low sound level. You just need the right equipment.

In the majority of instances when blowing using compressed air, you can minimise the sound level by around 10 decibels with a silencer. Ears perceive this as halving the noise level. This makes a substantial difference in relation to the risk of injuries.

Talk to us for a blow down silencer and other equipment

At Ventx, we use acoustic modelling software to match our silencers to the relevant application. We analyse your systems in order to design and construct the perfect product. That means there is a simple installation and maximum benefits.

So, when you need a blow down silencer, you will receive one that will work correctly if you come to us. Please let us know if you want to talk about your needs.