Managing noise in a laboratory

Industrial noise pollution is an ongoing concern we have been fighting for a long time. To do so, we produce special tools known as silencers. They work with your equipment to drastically lower the sound levels they produce. You can choose them to fit with existing systems or for brand new facilities. We can offer you discharge silencer designs as well as many other models.

Exposing yourself to noise in a laboratory can lead to irreparable hearing damage. Many sections of the facility can become loud due to the equipment you use. Wet vacuum systems, centrifuges, and high-pressure air cleaning all produce concerning amounts of sound. However, after you pinpoint the risk, Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) can be prevented. The tips we have below will help you to do that.


There are several ways to minimise the sound, including building enclosures around noisy equipment. However, if you find enclosure to be unrealistic, you can look at other measures. This can include mufflers or acoustic screens. It can also include panels and lining guards with noise-reducing material, or vibration isolation systems. One of the best options without question though would be to attach silencers to your exhaust systems.

Reposition the equipment

Repositioning could be something else you can try. Think about the room itself in which you place your gear. Consider where it is going to sit in relation to the environment. For instance, a reflective, hard exterior shall enhance the noise from loud machinery. It will do so by around 3dB for every large exterior. You can move the equipment to another part of the space where this won’t happen.


Keeping all of your equipment inside the lab and maintaining it correctly will help you lower rattles. Additionally, such action will minimise the sounds that occur as part of the wear and tear of your gear. The last thing you should do is wait for something to go wrong. Have the experts do some maintenance and checks when you notice any increase in sound or new noises.

Let us design your discharge silencer

At Ventx, we use acoustic modelling software to ensure that every client is given the correct silencer. By analysing your systems, we are able to design and manufacture the ideal item for your setting and the inhabitants. With one of our silencers at your disposal, you will have all that you need to keep your noise levels in check.

So, feel free to give us a call if you have a noisy lab to deal with. We can look at creating a discharge silencer or another model to tackle the sound.