Noise pollution has negative effects on marine life

If you are familiar with the subject of noise pollution, you will know how troubling it can be. Our job is to ensure it does not have a huge negative effect on lives. We do so by offering ways to minimise the noise from industrial facilities. This includes the discharge silencer, as well as a number of other similar utensils.

In addition to humans, noise pollution can be harmful to marine life. Marine animals rely on their hearing for many things. Notable examples include catching prey and communication. However, sound levels in the ocean are constantly on the rise. The use of airguns in seismic oil explorations, offshore oil rigs, and shipping are not doing any favours here. To help you understand the significance of the issue, we are going to discuss how the wildlife is harmed.

Physical damage

Firstly, there is the physical damage. As is the case for us, very loud noises might lead to hearing damage in marine animals. This is a substantial concern as it can then cause problems with hunting prey, sensing danger, and communication. Moreover, many animals need it for finding a partner.

The physical issues are not just problems with hearing though. For example there is evidence that noise pollution can impair growth, particularly in shrimps. There have even been reports of cell changes in lobsters. Additionally, noise leads to stress that damages the immune system of many animals. It can disrupt the schooling structure of fish too.


Something else the pollution does to the animals is cause them to abandon valuable habitats. They either follow their fleeing prey or leave due to direct impact. Noise in the ocean is disruptive to nursing young, finding food, and mating. The consequences are grave here to say the least.

Discharge silencer solutions and more

At Ventx, we use our industrial silencers to help prevent the most harmful effects of noise pollution. Our products allow users to comply to the UK environmental standards as well. You may have a site that requires our bespoke solutions. Alternatively, you may be in the design phase of your facility. Whatever the case, we can work with you.

So, please let us know if you require a discharge silencer from our team or have a different noise source to tackle. We can give you the very best results.