The characteristics of the blow off silencer

Loud noise is problematic for a host of reasons. However, you will be happy to hear that it does not need to be. All you have to do is speak to us. Our team can offer you special tools that can significantly diminish the sounds you hear. This includes the blow off silencer as well as many other models.

There are many people out there who probably won’t be familiar with blow off silencers. The design includes a tube that has a closed end full of holes. The pattern, diameter, and number of these holes are determined by the necessary silencing value. The tube’s diameter is normally identical to that of the blow off pipe. This depends on the configuration and diameter of the holes. You can achieve a silencing between 10 and 40 dB(A).

Silencer materials

The go to material for silencers like these is stainless steel. However, it is possible to use other materials when you require high silencing values. Something else you can use with the silencer is a casing of sound-absorbing material. With such a construction, you can obtain a T.S.D. that reaches 60 dB(A).

When you blow off steam and gases under pressure, you produce high sound levels. If you have one of our bespoke silencers however, it is possible to lower these levels so they are acceptable. In principle, you can design the silencer such that the pressure loss is trivial during blow off. As a result it can reduce the amount of noise.

Design your own blow off silencer

At Ventx, we have had the pleasure to work with an impressive amount of clients over the years. Thanks to our help, they have been able to design silencers that benefit them. In turn it ensures that their facilities are quieter and cause less harm to occupants, locals, and the environment.

If you are currently thinking about purchasing a blow off silencer or something similar, please contact us. We can guide you, and use cutting edge software to determine what model you need.