The most harmful sources of noise pollution

We have been fighting against industrial noise pollution for years. It is something that can cause a host of serious issues. For example, excessive loud noise can harm people, wildlife, and the environment. What we do is provide first class silencers. Using our acoustic modelling software, we can design the perfect models for each setting.

Sound is an essential part of our lives. When it becomes noise however, it leads to issues with our mental and physical health. The big problem here is that not everyone is able to pinpoint the effects and causes of noise pollution. To help, we are going to talk about some of the most damaging sources.

Major noise sources

There are three particularly harmful architects of noise pollution in industrial areas. These are vehicles, construction, and machinery. Individuals that work with progressive dies, lathes, mills, saws, and drills need protective gear. This helps them to avoid the negative effects of industrial noise pollution. Furthermore, the rotating belts, saws, and pneumatic drills can produce huge amounts of noise. This can affect the employees working in various buildings, as well as the public.

These sources of noise can affect a huge array of buildings. For example they are common in all kinds of manufacturing and engineering premises. It could be a small workshop or a massive factory. Either way, they can be very noisy.

Construction workers

In a similar vein, construction workers have to take on all kinds of noisy jobs. This can include building, demolition and more. These and other activities can generate intense noise pollution. As a result site operators need to take care to protect people on and around the site.

People with these jobs and anyone else on site should have ear protection. This will help them to avoid the side effects of exposure to such loud sounds. The operator should also work to reduce the amount of noise that leaves the site as it can harm people who live and work nearby and affect the environment.

Aside from deafness, unpleasant and intense sound can result in psychological trauma. This can cause nervous disorders as well as neurological complications. That shows just how important it is to tackle the loudest noises.

Talk to us about sources of industrial noise pollution

At Ventx, we enable clients to manage the noise levels coming from their facilities. Our silencers are the key to doing this. They are effective at reducing the sound from fans, duct work, generators, compressors, and other equipment. By carefully matching a silencer to your systems, we can reduce the level of noise. The silencers we design are the highest quality, so they will get the job done.

So, if you need to take care of an issue with industrial noise pollution, please get in contact with us. We achieve the best results by making each product to suit the specific setting and requirements. Plus, we look to see how we can offer other benefits such as an improvement in performance.