Don’t let steam vent noise be a hazard

Of the various forms of industrial noise you may need to address, the noises from steam vents can be some of the worst. The sound levels can be very high here, especially if the conditions are right. To tackle the problem you may need to choose a bespoke steam vent silencer. It can fit into the system and reduce the noise to a safer level.

Why is steam vent noise a hazard?

Loud industrial noises are harmful to people in several ways. The most obvious is that the sounds can damage hearing. Just a single exposure to a very loud noise could cause problems. For example, sounds at 140dB or more can cause pain and hearing loss. Just 15 minutes with sounds between 110-120dB can cause damage. Even lower noise levels can cause problems if you are exposed to them for long periods. For example several hours with sounds at 85dB can harm your hearing.

Another reason noisy vents are a hazard is they can be a big distraction. The sounds can easily cause people to lose focus when they are working nearby. This could cause huge problems if they are doing something where concentration is vital such as using power tools or heavy plant equipment, driving vehicles, or working on a ladder. Even momentary distraction here could cause injury.

The hazards of loud noises are not just to people too. For example there may be equipment on the site that is sensitive to sound waves. If you don’t address the noise problem there is a risk of damage to these potentially expensive and vital items.

What to think about?

There are a number of crucial things to think about here. For example, the noise from steam vents can get much louder as the temperature rises. If you produce a lot of heat, a steam vent silencer will be even more vital.

The amount of steam and flow rate will have a big impact on the noise level too. More steam and higher flows will create louder noises.

There may also be big problems if you have a disparity in the upstream and downstream pressure. If it is significantly higher upstream, it can cause louder noises downstream as the pressure adapts.

It is also important to note that there can be bigger issues with systems that have control valves. These can be necessary as a safety measure in case the pressure builds up in a system. However, when they open they can release steam at a very high pressure and flow rate. The end result can be very loud noises.

Talk to us if you need a steam vent silencer

Ventx is one of the UK’s leaders in silencer design and installation. We understand the various hazards that industrial noise can cause. Our goal is to reduce the sound level so that issues such as hearing damage, distractions, and equipment problems are not so problematic.

Our goal is to offer steam vent silencer solutions that perform to a high standard and last. To do this we design each model to be bespoke for the application. It is an approach that helps us to tick all the right boxes for our clients. So, if you need help you can contact us.