The causes of noise from foundries and forges

Industrial noise pollution has severe negative effects on mental and physical health. As a result, it is important to have measures in place to control it. We have been developing top tier solutions for a long time now. Our team have had the pleasure to create some of the most impressive silencers for clients in many industries. We use our extensive knowledge of industrial silencer design to do so.

Noise can originate from various sources in industrial settings. This includes foundries and forges. In general, noise occurs in one of two ways. Firstly, it comes from the vibration of solid exteriors. These then function as noise radiators. The vibration could come from an impact or due to the actions of rotating machinery. As for the impact, this might be a casting being dropped onto a hard exterior or the strike of a forging hammer.

The second way noise occurs is via unstable flows of gas or air. Examples include the discharge of high pressure compressed air and the flow of gas over fan blades. Another example can be the turbulence inside furnaces burning oil or gas.

Where does the noise come from exactly?

Now that we have told you more about noise producers, let’s see where it comes from in the foundries and forges. With most industrial procedures, they consist of the movement of materials and use of machinery. There is also the movement of air for cooling, heating, and ventilation. Each of these creates noise that influences neighbours.

Some of the sources most likely to produce noise from forges include bar cropping and ground vibration from hammers. Others would be air exhaust from air-driven hammers, and combustion roar from oil and gas furnaces.

With foundries, the sources include shakeouts, and grinding or fettling to remove sprue and flash from castings. There are also the fans on dust collection and ventilation systems to think about.

A reliable industrial silencer design service

At Ventx, we look for the best option for every situation. Industrial noise does not have a single source. Therefore, we need different options for every project. Thanks to our understanding of industrial silencer design, we can craft an installation that meets your every need.

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