Even smaller generators are a problem

The industrial silencer is the perfect answer to the issue of noise pollution. Since it causes such severe problems, we need to deal with it as efficiently and quickly as possible. Using our acoustic modelling software, we make sure your facility has everything it needs to keep everyone safe. It will prevent sounds from harming people on site and reduce the noise that leaves the facility so it does not affect those nearby and the environment.

Portable generators are excellent tools for blackouts, or simply to have mobile power. However, like large appliances, they create a decent amount of noise. This can be problematic in close quarters or rural areas. Chances are you will need to keep the noise pollution from your generator down. This is where a silencer will come in handy. These attach on to the generator’s exhaust pipe to make them quieter.

Generator noise levels

The majority of these portable generators have a noise level of 70 to 100 decibels. This is at 23 feet. However, how noisy they are is going to change depending on the size, model, and make you utilise. If you opt to spend a bit more upfront, you can get a quieter design that won’t need as much silencing. Of course, the pricey generators are not going to be in everyone’s budget. Therefore, understanding how and why you need to quiet the generator down can help.

Silencing benefits

Silencing your generator is going to ensure the consistently loud noise from the motor in the generator will not disturb you. This is important in various setting. For example it could be your own workshop or you could be doing construction work. Reducing the noise will mean there is less risk of hearing damage and accidents.

Furthermore, you are being generous to those around you when you silencer the generator. Anyone that has had to deal with one will tell you they are noisy and disruptive. However, you can form a mutual understanding by at least taking measures to keep the sound down. This is great in all kinds of settings, including urban and rural areas.

Industrial silencer models for any need

At Ventx, our silencers let you manage the noises coming from numerous kinds of machinery. In addition to generators, they can help with fans, ducts, compressors, and more. You don’t have to worry about them compromising the systems you already have either. They won’t get in the way and hurt performance.

If you are thinking about using an industrial silencer, feel free to contact us. We can advise you about models and what type of systems and equipment we can help with. Please keep in mind though that a product will not completely eliminate noise; some will remain but at a much lower level.