The four main forms of industrial hearing loss

We are very aware of the problems that noise in industrial settings can cause. It can be harmful to people on the site, locals, and the environment. In addition, it can affect performance and even damage sensitive equipment. That is why we supply bespoke silencers. These are the ultimate tools to use for industrial noise reduction. They can lower the noises coming from fans, ductwork, generators, safety valves, and more.

Industrial hearing loss is a major concern in many harsh industries. However, it is a form of workplace injury that gets less attention than it really needs. The influence it can have on quality of life is something businesses can’t overlook. It does happen sadly since this is an invisible injury.

A vital thing to keep in mind is that industrial hearing loss isn’t a single entity. There are numerous forms and causes of it. There are four main types to remember. We will look at them below.


This manifests as continuous whistling, clicking, buzzing, and ringing. These sounds appear in one ear or both. It could be persistent, chronic, or temporary, so it is one of the broadest forms of hearing damage.

Acoustic trauma

Repetitive or constant loud sounds at close proximity to your ear can lead to this. As for the damage, it can range from muffled hearing to perforated eardrums. Small perforations can heal in a few weeks, but in the worst cases you may need surgery.

Temporary and permanent deafness

If you experience high noise levels for long enough, you can suffer temporary deafness. Those who get enough time away to rest and recover might get their hearing back. However, if you aren’t able to do this, or the damage is too severe, you can suffer permanent deafness.

You need timely corrective action if you wish to avoid deafness. No matter where you work, exposing yourself to high noise levels could harm your hearing. Saying this, industries like mining, petro-chem, and the military are more dangerous than others. As a result, people need to take extra precautions here.

A helping hand with industrial noise reduction

At Ventx we use acoustic modelling software to supply you with the perfect silencers. You won’t find better tools in your fight against industrial noises. Our installations also stand out because we design them specifically to fit with your systems. This means maximum benefits for you and no issues like a poor installation making the problem worse.

So, if you want to take on industrial noise reduction, please let us know. We can provide the support you need, from initial consultation to design and installation.