How significant are pneumatic silencers?

Noise issues exist in many locations, but industrial settings tend to produce the most problems. This is why we work to provide our clients with the top silencers in the UK. We use specialist software to develop the most suitable designs, like the steam vent silencer. The result is a safer industrial space as well as less impact on the environment.

The truth is that there are many different kinds of silencer out there. Each one has its own features that make it appropriate for a variety of needs. However, they all hold the important task of lowering noise levels. The model we want to talk about in this post is the pneumatic silencer; it is one you may come across in many different facilities.

Air noise

Pneumatic silencers also go by the names ‘pneumatic exhausts’ and ‘mufflers’. They lower the noise associated with using compressed air. Countless machines utilise it as an extremely effective way of transferring energy. When they release it though, it is nearly impossible to miss because of the loud noise. The dB(A) can reach levels up to 100. To compare, a jet engine is 140 dB(A).

Air velocity is the key

This noise isn’t related to the tube’s or the nozzle’s size. Instead, the key is velocity. Thus, changing the equipment’s size won’t do any good in reducing the sound. What you need to do is find a way to reduce the velocity. You can use the silencers to set in motion a pressure drop. That slows down the air, and reduces the decibels as a result.

Silencers often aren’t actually essential to the productivity of your equipment. Saying this, they may boost performance by reducing vibrations.

You will also find that noise control is written in numerous parts of UK legislation. Examples include The Environmental Noise Regulations 2010 and The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. If you fail to stick to them, you will potentially harm people on and around the site. You could also receive serious fines. Play it safe and use a silencer.

Let us design a steam vent silencer for you

At Ventx, we have assisted an impressive list of clients with noise issues over the years. The industrial silencers we provide protect workers and visitors from excessive exposure. Not to mention, they help you stick to the UK environmental standards.

So, if you need a steam vent silencer or a model for noisy pneumatic equipment from us, please contact the team. You can rely on us to deliver excellent products for every facility.