The dangers of working in confined spaces

We produce a series of high quality utensils to limit the noises in industrial settings. This noise is dangerous. It impacts people mentally and physically, and can also cause serious environmental damage. Using our services, you can obtain a silencer for a noisy gas vent, exhaust stack, HVAC system, or piece of machinery. It will solve your issues.

One topic we would like to cover is working in confined spaces. This is actually far more dangerous than people realise. However, it is necessary in many industries. So, it is vital to look at the risks and take steps to protect workers.

Do people have the right training?

Even with proper training, working in tight spaces is hazardous. It is actually often the case that appropriate confined space training has not been performed either. The issue becomes much more serious when the people don’t even know they are operating in such spaces. That happens more often than you would think.

Here is an example; let’s say an individual is cleaning a skylight’s underside. They could technically be working in a confined area. This is if their head is completely within the skylight’s curve.

Excessive noise

One of the biggest risks in confined spaces is the noise. It can be far more excessive here than it would be in wide open areas. This is because the sound waves can’t escape and can actually rebound off the surfaces and become more damaging.

It is important to be aware of the harm the noise can cause to people working in these spaces. They can suffer massive hearing damage due to repeat exposure or one single loud noise. As a result, they need to use the right equipment if they want to stay safe. Moreover, you need to do your best to limit the workers’ exposure to continuous sound as much as you can.

Take responsibility for education and protection

It is a dangerous task working in confined areas. Things get even worse when people don’t understand the magnitude of the trouble they face. Workers need to have the right training, experience, and guidance if they are going to work in these areas. They must know how to avoid risks. In additionally, you can install specialist equipment like silencers. This can go a long way towards keeping noise levels to a minimum, even in tight spaces.

Talk to us if you need a gas vent silencer or another model

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