Using marine inline silencers

The marine industry is one of the most challenging to work in. There is a lot to think about, especially when it comes to safety. While water is the main concern, there are also problems with noise. The sounds can travel long distances over water and will even get louder when temperatures are lower. They can harm people and the environment. As a result, businesses may need to look at silencing solutions. An inline silencer could be the perfect model in many cases.

Where to use silencers?

The key to reducing sound in the marine industry is to tackle it at the sources. There could be lots of different culprits here. The most common will probably be loud motors on boats. They can get very noisy, especially as they increase in size and horsepower. Most motors will have some kind of insulation to reduce the noise but it may not always be enough. You may need more or a silencer.

The marine industry is not all about boats. There are also plenty of noisy industrial operations here too. They can be problematic because of various pieces of plant. Any device with a motor could produce a lot of noise. Generators in particular can get very loud. Again you may need to look at inline silencers to resolve the problems.

Some industrial operations choose marine settings because they give them easy access to cold seawater supplies. These can be used for all kinds of cooling solutions. However, venting any kind of steam can be noisy. As a result it may be necessary to use silencers to reduce this and protect the marine environment.

Think about the setting

As you can see from the information above, silencing is a very smart choice for the marine industry. This is especially true if you want to make operations greener, protect people, and preserve the environment. But, you need to be careful when you choose silencers. They must be able to handle the specific challenges in the settings.

One thing in particular you need to plan for is the fact that marine environments can be highly corrosive. This happens primarily because of the salt water and moisture level. The presence of heat, especially in motors and engines, can also accelerate the corrosion. With this in mind you need to be careful when you select the materials for your silencer. They must be highly corrosion resistant.

Speak to us about designing an inline silencer

Ventx is one of the top silencer designers in the UK. We combine extensive knowledge and hands on experience to deliver the best results. By using the latest acoustic modelling software we can also make sure each product is bespoke to match your needs. That will maximise the sound reduction and longevity of the silencer.

So, whether you need an inline model for a marine setting or another style of silencer for a different facility, rely on us. You can get in touch today to learn more about the benefits of silencing and more.