Take noise seriously and control its risks

Our job is to supply bespoke silencers for industrial facilities and other properties. This technology works by minimising the noise from machinery and systems like boilers and HVAC. They prove useful at reducing the problems noises cause in work environments. We can design and manufacture in-line silencer designs, as well as many others, so rely on us if sound is causing issues.

Workplace noise poses substantial dangers to our hearing. Without the right equipment and tools, you may be leaving staff members vulnerable to hearing loss. There are several common mistakes people make with workplace noise. To help you avoid them, we are going to go over two main issues here.

Not taking noise seriously

Every employer is bound by Health & Safety regulations and legislation. Their industry does not matter. The UK Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 establishes what employers must do to defend their workforce. This is from the hazards that excessive noise exposure presents. They are also legally enforceable. As a result, every business should take noise seriously.

85dB(A) is the level where the law demands that people use hearing protection. At first, this figure seems like a lot. However, it is the same noise a petrol lawnmower makes. Knowing that, it quickly becomes apparent the risk of noise is very prevalent. At 85 decibels, all it takes is eight hours of exposure until people suffer permanent damage to their hearing.

According to the regulations, measures have to be in place that reduce and control the level of noise we experience in a working day. You are probably wondering how you can do that. Fortunately, we have plenty of silencers available.

Not controlling risks in the first place

Another big mistake is not attempting to control noise risks in the first place. Some employers think they can just provide PPE and not look at the actual sound level. Even if you supply your workers with hearing protection, there is still danger.

In most cases simply supplying PPE isn’t sufficient to guarantee your team is safe. Various employers offer insufficient hearing defenders. They either over-protect their workers or under-defend them. There is also a risk that people won’t use the PPE properly, especially if you don’t give them the right training.

It might appear as if it is hard to have too much protection with regards to hearing loss. Still, when your people use heavy machinery, over-protection may prevent them from hearing alarms. Colleagues won’t be able to grab their attention either.

Realistically hearing protection needs to be a last resort. The best option is to look to reduce the sound levels first.

For employers, it is their obligation under Health & Safety law to put solutions in place to control noise risks. Preferably, they should minimise noise levels in the workplace. Silencers work well here.

Talk to us if you want an in-line silencer

At Ventx, we’ve aided many clients with their noise reduction needs. With the likes of our in-line silencers and other variants, we can offer solutions that work. By using our merchandise, you can keep people safe and follow the law at the same time.

So, please speak to us if there is anything we can do for you. We are the most skilful in-line silencer designer in the UK. You can come to us at any time for help.