Industrial pollution exists in various forms

Silencers are needed to keep noise levels down in industrial facilities and the wider areas. There isn’t a universal solution here though. You need to use different designs for individual situations. That is where we come in. We can design suitable diffuser silencer models and any others you need. As a result, we can reduce the noise.

Pollution is where you make air, water, land, or other parts of the environment dirty and unsafe for use. It happens due to the introduction of contaminants into natural settings. However, the contaminant does not have to be tangible. Things as simple as temperature, sound, and light are also pollutants if you introduce them to an environment artificially.

Toxic pollutants influence over 200 million individuals across the planet. They can cause a huge number of different problems, including birth defects. Life expectancy can be as low as 45 years in the worst areas due to diseases like cancer. What we are going to do here is briefly discuss the different kinds of pollution that exist. We hope it will help businesses to think carefully about their operations and the impact they have.

Land pollution

It is possible for land to become polluted by industrial and household waste. This is one of the biggest environmental impacts of human activity, especially when so much of the rubbish goes to landfill. According to Forest Research, as much as 20,000 hectares of land in the UK is contaminated and not safe to use.

Water pollution

This happens when chemicals or deadly foreign materials find their way into water. Examples include fertilisers and pesticides, sewage, and toxic chemicals. The UK ranks consistently as one of worst countries in Europe in terms of water quality. In fact, The Rivers Trust said in 2020 that no river in England or Wales could be classified as being in good health.

Noise pollution

This is the one we know all too well in our role to provide diffuser silencer products and other solutions. It is not possible to smell or see noises, but they still affect our environment. It occurs when the sounds reach harmful levels. According to research, direct links exist between health and noise. For example, the sound can cause speech interference, high blood pressure, and illnesses relating to stress. It can harm wildlife in numerous ways too.

Air pollution

The air we all breathe comes with a precise chemical composition. Around 99% of it is inert gases, water vapour, oxygen, and nitrogen. Air pollution happens when things that are not typically there get introduced into the atmosphere. A common issue here is when human activity releases particles into the air via fossil fuel burning. The pollution looks something like soot. It contains countless tiny particles that float in the air.

Light pollution

Most of us can’t imagine living without electric lighting. However, in the natural world the lights have changed how nights and days work. Consequences of the pollution include serious impacts to various ecosystems and nocturnal activities. Furthermore, artificial light can disrupt plant development.

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At Ventx, we provide silencers that benefit all parties. They enable businesses to adhere to the UK environmental standards. As a result, you can reduce the impact of noise on people, wildlife, plants, and more. They are an effective way to address noise pollution.

You might have an existing facility or a plant that is at the design stage. Whatever the case, we can help. Let us know if you need a diffuser silencer and we will start working with you. Our high quality products deliver the best silencing for the long term.