An alternative to venting to atmosphere

Industrial noise is a big problem in the UK. There are a number of noisy industries that need to do more to reduce the sound so they don’t harm people or the environment. Ventx can offer assistance here. We specialise in tackling noises by delivering high quality silencers. We can offer models to suit most needs, whether it is a steam vent silencer or an item to address sound from fans.

The problem with steam

Steam is a by-product of many industrial processes. For example it can come from boilers, cooling loops, autoclaves, and more. Operators generally vent it to the atmosphere to release it from systems. However, this can cause a number of issues, including noise, making plants hot and unpleasant, and issues with condensate.

One option here is to use a silencer to tackle the noise issue. It can be an effective choice and reduce the sounds to a safer level. However, it won’t help with the hot setting or issues with condensation and vapour. To do that you need another solution.

Why vent at all?

An alternative would be to stop the venting. Instead operators could use a different method to deal with the steam safely. This could tackle all of the issues and also offer a major benefit. Collecting the steam effectively rather than releasing it to atmosphere could allow the operator to save energy. After-all, the steam can contain around 30% of the heat energy. That is quite a large amount of waste if you just vent it.

One option here is to use a condensate collection tank. You can direct steam here so the heat can be drawn out and the steam can cool before eventually turning into a liquid. The tanks can feature a number of different systems to collect and reuse the heat, including a high pressure condensate pump, a compressor, or a heat exchanger.

Venting steam from a boiler is very common as it helps to avoid pressure build ups in the system. However, again this is a waste. Instead it may be a good idea to use the excess steam to generate more power on the site. This can be a far better use of the resources and can mean facilities don’t need to draw as much power from the grid. In some cases they can even sell excess energy back.

It is also possible to capture steam from vent pipes and flash vessels. You can do this in the same way as with a condensate collection tank, utilising a compressor or heat exchanger.

Ask us if you want a steam vent silencer

Whatever you choose to do with the steam, if there is noise from vents, you may want to invest in silencers. Ventx is the best partner here. We have extensive knowledge of the equipment and how we can use it to maximise the benefits. As a result, the products we make are a great investment.

So, if you want to learn more about how to tackle issues or want us to design a steam vent silencer, please get in touch. You will find we are a company you can rely on.