Should there be noises coming from ducts?

HVAC systems can often be the most important ones in a property. They are vital for ventilation and air conditioning. However, they can get very noisy. This happens because realistically all they are is thin metal tubes. That makes them a great conductor of sound. If the noise is too loud, you may need to look at products like an inline silencer. They can fit into the system to help reduce the sound.

Typical noises

The array of sounds you can hear from ducts can be very broad. The most common ones include pops, bangs, clicks, buzzing, and even squealing. Many of them happen because the duct will expand slightly because of the pressure. That creates noises. Sound from fans and other equipment can also travel easily through the ducts. Plus, there can be loud noises due to the shape of the duct and anything within it that creates air turbulence.


Most people won’t give much thought to the ducts in their property. However, just like everything else, they can quickly get dirty and full of dust. If you don’t clean them out every now and again it can have a big impact on the air quality. Plus, it can make the ducts work inefficiently and cause faster wear than normal.

While duct cleaning is important, there can be an effect on the noise. Some people may notice that the noises from the ducts can get louder after cleaning. This is because the removal of dust and debris can allow them to expand in different ways.


Noises can also happen as the duct joints wear with time. Usually there will be a joint between the trunk and plenum. If it starts to break down it can create louder noises.

Think about the size and shape

The design of the ducts can also cause big problems. Air can move more efficiently through circular ductwork. So, if you have angular ones, expect them to be noisier. This happens because the angles cause more problems with the air pressure.

In terms of the size, smaller ducts can often cause more noise because of the pressure. The thickness of the tubes can also have a big impact. Thicker duct walls will resist deformation more effectively. However, thinner ones are less resistant and can be noisier.

Getting an inline silencer

In many cases the noises from the ducts won’t be so loud that it is harmful to people. However, it can get quite annoying and disruptive. What you can do is invest in a silencer. While it won’t stop the noise entirely, it can reduce it to a much quieter level.

Ventx is one of the best companies in the UK if you need acoustic solutions. We work by first looking at the property to get a better idea of what could be causing issues. Then we look at the systems themselves, including the ducts. All of this info allows us to design the most fitting products, making them bespoke for the circumstances. This approach delivers the best results.

So, if you have a problem with noisy ducts, come to us for an inline silencer and expert support. Our products are long lasting to ensure you are making a great investment. Contact us today if you need any help.