Silencing safety valves

Ventx is one of the most skilful designers of silencing products in the UK. We can offer solutions for various needs. This includes models for vents, fans, and all kinds of systems. We are also the best place to look for a bespoke safety valve silencer. Every product we offer will be fit for purpose because we put a huge amount of effort into getting the designs right.

Few components are as important as safety valves. They are the final line of defence in systems that rely on pressure. The idea is, if the pressures in the system rise too much, the operator can open the valve to release it. This can help to prevent total failure, something which could put lives and the property at risk.

How do they work?

Safety valves usually have a spring and back pressure to keep them closed. They therefore remain in equilibrium until the system pressure rises to exceed this. When that happens, the valve can open. As a result it helps to reduce the build up of pressure in the system.

When a safety valve opens it could release compressed air, inert gas, steam, hot water, or even process fluids. This will hopefully bring the pressure down and prevent system failure.

The valves must be the right size to ensure the pressure can come down. If they are too small the valve will not be able to discharge the excess pressure, meaning it will continue to rise in the system. On the other hand, if they are too large, the high system pressure will not be able to open the valve entirely. This can result in a cycle of opening and closing which will create a chattering noise.

Use a safety valve silencer

While they are a potentially lifesaving component, safety valves can be very noisy when they release the pressure. As a result it is a good idea to use a silencer. This can mitigate the noise and improve safety and performance.

Ventx designs fantastic silencers that will be perfect for your needs. They can be various styles and sizes to suit different needs. This includes being able to address loud discharge noises from safety valves.

If you want to talk to us about designing a safety valve silencer, please get in touch. We support clients in various industries and offer consistent, high quality silencers.