Sound advice for lowering noise pollution

One of the worst things people have to put up with is noise pollution. To avoid the numerous health issues it produces, the industrial silencer was born. These devices can substantially reduce the amount of noise. With our instruments, you can manage the noises coming from all sorts of machines, HVAC systems, and more.

A growing concern

In the world of busy cities and towns, as well as hectic living, noise pollution is becoming more of an issue. The dense traffic does not help matters either. This issue does not produce as many huge health issues as other types of pollution. However, they still exist regardless. They include high blood pressure and loss of hearing. There can also be behavioural and emotional issues, including anxiety and aggression. Knowing this, it becomes evident that noise prevention and pollution control are vital.


The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 aids us in safeguarding the UK workers that encounter noise pollution. This could harm their hearing. Noise pollution that happens at work can lead to tinnitus and deafness in many UK residents. It can also cause other ear conditions too.

Under the laws, employers must inform workers in loud locations about the dangers to their hearing. They have to then train someone to introduce a noise programme. Moreover, they have to perform frequent noise assessments. Weekly or daily average exposure could surpass 85 dB(A). If this happens, they must designate the area as a hearing-protection zone. Finally, they must provide suitable PPE.


Aside from the law, technology can play a part in lowering noise pollution. One solution would be moving traffic from residential locales. Another is installing noise barriers at major roads to deal with the sounds. The design of buildings has taken noise into account too. Many are now built to contain it. Not to mention, car engines are quieter than they once were.

Then there are the industrial sites. We assist clients here by providing brilliant silencers to keep people safe.

Design a bespoke industrial silencer

At Ventx, we spend time designing the most effective silencers for every need. Because of our acoustic modelling software, we can provide you with a suitable product. It will do the job without interfering with the machinery or system you have.

Contact us today if you want to design an industrial silencer. We will ask you some questions and then get to designing the right product for you.