Silencing autoclaves

Autoclaves are not a new piece of equipment. In fact, the first steam steriliser dates back to the 19th century. This was when Charles Chamberland, a French microbiologist, found the benefits of using steam instead of open flames. Since then the technique has become a standard in medical facilities, research, and more. While the machinery is useful though, it can get noisy. Luckily, Ventx is here to help and can offer an autoclave silencer to suit any needs.

What can an autoclave do?

There are lots of uses for autoclaves. They are the best for applications that require sterilisation as the hot, high pressure steam can kill micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses. As a result they reduce the risk of infection and illness.

The most common uses for autoclaves are medical, including in the creation of pharmaceuticals, sterilisation of medical instruments, dentistry, and the manufacture of prosthetics. However, they also have use in the veterinarian field, tattooing, and all sorts of labs. In addition, they are good for sterilising medical waste before disposal.

The machines can come in a variety of sizes, from large ones with huge capacities to smaller units. The difference is usually down to the capacity. The largest models can be hundreds of litres whereas small ones can be less than 100.


The thing to keep in mind with autoclaves is that they can be noisy. The steam is very hot and at a high pressure. As a result it can cause noise issues, especially with valves and vents.

There are many cases where the noise from an autoclave is a bad idea. For example it could be a sensitive lab where the sound would disturb people and affect tests or research. Or, it could be a dentists or a clinic where the sounds would affect patients. Whatever the case, reducing the sound is a good idea.

Choose the right autoclave silencer

At Ventx we are confident we can design silencers to suit all kinds of autoclaves. Our team have a lot of experience and access to great equipment, including modern modelling software. As a result we can deliver the most suitable products.

If you want to talk to us about autoclaves or need to create a bespoke autoclave silencer, please get in touch. We can give you the best service as well as exceptional support.