How does a steam boiler work?

Heating and providing hot water in large industrial buildings can be very challenging. Standard boilers may not be up to the challenge, especially if there are lots of radiators and facilities. A great option here is to use a steam boiler. However, using them can cause noise that could become an issue. The solution is to choose a reliable steam boiler silencer.


Steam boilers are pretty complex, especially in comparison to general gas, oil or electric models. There are two types – shell and water tube. The first has the hot steam flowing through pipes, heating water around them. The latter on the other hand is the opposite and has the water flowing through tubes with hot steam around them. Water tube models can achieve a higher pressure. Shell boilers can produce a huge amount of steam every hour.

Both models can effectively provide hot water and heat for larger buildings. This is because steam can travel more easily through large pipes than water. It can also reduce the amount of pumps the boiler needs.

These boilers can last a long time, especially with good maintenance. However, they can be noisy. One important feature is the blowdown. This enables the removal of dirt and sludge from the system. When the valve opens it can be noisy though. The system can also generate noise because of the steam, especially venting it.

Steam boiler silencers

If the noise from the boiler is causing issues, you can choose a silencer to dampen it. Ventx can help here, offering a reliable service every time. We design bespoke models to suit each specific system we are working with. That means we can offer the most appropriate solution rather than trying to make a standard model work. The end result is better performance and efficiency.

You can contact us if you have any questions about steam boiler silencers. We can cater for all types of model and any size. In addition, we can provide ongoing support once the silencer is in place.