Plan for air pressure

We are known for supplying a wide array of silencers to industrial clients. This includes models like the diffuser silencer. Considering how annoying and dangerous the noise from these settings can be, our products are welcome utensils. We design them to work with those systems you already have on the site, ensuring we address the source of the sounds.

With HVAC systems, one of the most common complaints is the noise. At times it is a sign that there is a problem you must rectify. For example, there could be a broken check valve or blower. But, most of the time it is simply due to standard operation. It is for this reason why silencers are a necessity.

Air pressure

Before installing a silencer however, there are certain considerations you need to keep in mind. One of the most important would be the air pressure calculations you need to make. This is one of the big considerations that make the entire planning process difficult.

There is a relationship here between air pressure and noise control. The majority of HVAC silencers include baffles. If you don’t know, this is an acoustic medial that has numerous air pockets. In fact, there are millions of them. When sound waves come into contact with them, the molecules present get bashed together. From there, the energy transforms into heat.

Less noise and a drop in pressure

What this does is effectively lower the noise. However, it also produces a pressure drop within the airflow. The fans in any HVAC set up generate pressure. This pushes the airstream forward. If there is an obstruction, it can create back pressure and lower the efficiency of that fan pushing the airstream. If you want to keep the airflow going, you must balance the drop from the fan. You must do so with the silencer’s air resistance.

Designing your diffuser silencer

Ventx silencers are able to benefit all of the people working in industrial facilities. We can say the same for visitors and people who live nearby too. Not to mention, with our equipment, you can comply with the UK’s environmental standards.

As you can see, our merchandise is rather valuable. So, if you would like to make a purchase, feel free to call us. We will create the perfect diffuser silencer for you or advise if a different style would be better. You can rely on us to achieve your noise reduction goals.