Diagnosing that noisy boiler

Exposing people to loud sounds for a long period of time is problematic for many reasons. There are physical and mental reasons to avoid putting anyone in such a position. However, if it is necessary for people to be in a noisy area, you are going to need a noise reduction solution. Our company can help you by providing the most effective silencers. We offer a full range of models, including a steam boiler silencer and options for fans, vents, and more.

Sometimes, boilers are just noisy by nature. However, there are instances where they can be unusually loud. In this scenario, it is crucial that you identify the cause of the issue before things escalate.

You should always start by trying to find where the noise is coming from. As soon as you identify this, the next step is determining what sort of sound it is.

Tapping or banging noises

If you hear the pipes banging when you turn a hot tap on, there may be a problem with overheating. Examine the boiler’s thermostat by turning it off and cooling everything down. When it is cool, turn everything back on. Turn up your thermostat and it should click. If it doesn’t, you may need someone to look at the boiler. Alternatively, the problem might be that the pipe work simply is not secure.


There could be some vibrating noises coming from the boiler. Installations that make these sorts of sounds could be due to loose brackets that require tightening.

Louder banging

It is always more worrying when the boiler is banging loudly. This could be telling you that there is trouble with the thermostat. On the other hand, there might be a debris build-up in the heat exchanger. A power flush will solve the problem and restore the efficiency of your boiler.

Steam boilers

If you have this kind of boiler there could be noises from pipes, vents, and various other places. The hot steam can cause turbulence and vibrations when it moves through the system. You could also have to deal with loud noise when you first turn it on.

Silencers – steam boiler silencer and more

While a number of the issues with boilers can be fixed as we detail above, there are some cases where these repairs will not be enough. Here the only option may be to choose a silencer. This may be necessary when it is a very large industrial or commercial boiler.

At Ventx, we provide steam boiler silencer designs to people with consistently noisy machines. We make sure that we get things right the first time. This is something we accomplish by using our acoustic modelling software. It enables us to design silencers that fit perfectly with your existing systems.

So, if you would like to know more about how we work, feel free to call us.