Silencers are useful for reducing inlet gas, exhaust gas, and relief valve noise

Industrial silencers have significant worth to anyone dealing with a noisy working environment. These specialist utensils keep noise levels to a minimum. What this means for workers is that there is far less chance of suffering from the physical and mental damage excessive noise exposure can cause. Ventx can provide you with an intake silencer to suit any need or can offer other models if they would provide better performance.

To a specific extent, industrial noise isn’t avoidable. It is a by-product of heavy plant and noisy processes. Saying that, it can reach a threshold that will harm people. The workplace quality diminishes too. So, you need to take action.

There are multiple points along the gas path. They contribute towards a noisy industrial setting. From when a building takes gas in to when it releases it, you can use silencing utensils to target these areas. Something else the silencers do is restrict the total decibel level of the noise emissions. What we will be doing in this post is discussing some specific applications of these silencers along the gas path.

Address the sounds at the inlet

One application is addressing inlet or intake gas noise. To begin with, a number of facilities take atmospheric air in via inlets. Fans can be crucial here to draw in the air and circulate it through the system. However, they can be noisy because of the rotational force. It can get worse with time due to wear and tear too. Luckily you can choose a bespoke intake silencer to deal with it. They can target fan noise with great results.

Mitigating exhaust gas noise

Another industrial silencer application would be exhaust gas mitigation. The thing here is that exhaust gases have a greater temperature if you compare to atmospheric air. Because of this, the density of the gas is low. As a result, it can cause a lot of disruption and noise. For you to smooth the transition to the atmosphere from the facility, you can use exhaust silencers.

Always check relief valves

Aside from the exhaust and inlet points, relief valves need silencing too. Said valves are implements that release interior gases into the atmosphere. They do so to ensure equilibrium in a system or pipe. If pressure within builds excessively it can become a serious hazard, so there has to be a relief system to release and bring it back down. The releases are usually intermittent, and can be rather forceful and sudden. To reduce the noise this creates, facilities equip silencers to the valves.

Talk to us if you need an intake silencer and other models

At Ventx, we find the right solutions for every client using our specialist software. Thanks to it we can analyse your systems then design and manufacture products. This could be an intake silencer or another style.

So, whatever it is you need, we will make sure you get it. Contact us today to tell us about the noise problems in your facility.