Gas turbine silencers are a necessity

Noise is something that is difficult to accurately predict. This is a particular problem for industrial environments. The sounds can cause a great deal of harm here. We have a solution however. Using specialist software, we design attenuator and silencer products that lower sound levels. They are compatible with various forms of machinery, making them the ideal solutions to use.

In the past few decades, industrial silencer usage has risen for a number of reasons. The most common is that they have the capacity to lower noise levels. Gas turbine silencers in particular have proven themselves to be very useful. We will be talking more about them in this post.

Turbine noise

A gas turbine’s core purpose is to create power. The energy originates from internal combustion. However, it creates a lot of exhaust gas. This needs to go somewhere. What’s more, it must do so at high speeds. Sadly, the venting can cause lots of noise.

The main issue here is the sounds aren’t healthy for workers or local civilians. They can also have a massively negative impact on wildlife and the environment. Luckily, gas turbine exhaust silencers minimise noise as it moves through intentionally complex passageways. Some models absorb the sound when exhaust gas releases from the premises.

Facilities stay compact

Installing an attenuator or silencer also allows facilities to remain compact. Airports for example handle jet engine noise through the use of hundreds of acres. They distance people from the planes as much as possible. With industrial silencers, they lessen exhaust noise without needing the space an airport does. Instead, noise abatement happens in a compact amount of space during the point of gas emission.


One other reason to use these silencers is that they aid you in meeting industry standards. According to NIOSH, the maximum weighted decibel range is 85dBA for eight-hour workdays. This specifies that for every 5dB increase from 85, a person’s time before reaching max “noise capacity” halves.

Even at roughly 85dBA however, long-term noise exposure causes health issues. They include cardiac stress and hearing loss. This increases the significance of installing attenuators on your premises to make sure you protect workers.

Speak to us if you need an attenuator

At Ventx, we work hard to ensure every customer receives the right products. We know that requirements can vary between facilities. In fact, they can differ in the same plant depending on the equipment that is in different areas. The demands also change when operations evolve. As such, we make it a point to stay on hand to offer a comprehensive service.

So, if you would like to do business with us to get the perfect attenuator, feel free to get in touch. We can give you reliable measures to make facilities quieter and more tolerable for your employees. Plus, they can even improve efficiency in some cases.