It’s essential to tailor the design of absorptive silencers

At Ventx we fight against industrial noise pollution by offering high quality silencers. These come in many different designs, including the in-line silencer. Each one is bespoke to match the system and site. As a result, we are capable of providing solutions for a wide range of situations. Our equipment is available for competitive prices as well.

Frequent exposure to hazardous noises leads to countless adults losing their hearing. Noise pollution can permanently harm the inner ear’s small hair cells. When enough of them are damaged, you can suffer hearing loss.

In order to counter the noise on loud manufacturing floors and around machinery, we need industrial silencers. Absorptive silencers are often the best option. One question people ask about these particular models though is why tailoring their design is important. In this post, we will be discussing the subject.

The silencer requirements

The most vital thing when you design an absorptive in-line silencer is to include the right number of baffles. These must be of optimum length and thickness too. What’s more, their air passage paths need to be the right size. This is for the particular sound spectrum, temperature, and flow volume.

The silencer must be able to lower incoming noise. Thus, the environment you will be using the silencer in is vital too. Your silencer’s acoustic performance shall be influenced by details such as the physical layout and system configurations. Others include gas characteristics and temperature.

Another fact is that your silencer will need to be able to fit into the space that is available. If it is too large, you won’t be able to install it. However, if it is too small it can cause even more noise rather than reducing it.

Aerodynamics will be another consideration. This is because the airflow through your silencer will lead to pressure loss. You have to factor it in as it can affect system performance in a number of cases.

Always choose bespoke models

There is one last thing to remember. As we said above, a multitude of factors contribute to the design of absorptive silencers. Therefore, off-the-shelf solutions for industrial noise control will be impossible or impractical. You should always choose bespoke models.

To compound the difficulty of locating the right design, the factors are often in conflict. Because of this, you need someone that understands noise solutions and can offer innovative, unique products. We meet this requirement.

Talk to us if you need an in-line silencer

At Ventx, we have more than a decade of experience in silencer design. In addition, we have over four decades of acoustic knowledge. On top of that is 35 years of quality manufacturing experience. Using what we know, we can design and manufacture silencers for a wide variety of industries. We also have acoustic modelling software to help us get the designs spot on.

So, if you require an in-line silencer, make sure you contact our team. We would love to help you tackle noise and protect everyone on and surrounding your facility.