Maintain pipe diameter where possible

Gas pipelines can be incredibly noisy. This can occur whether they transport air, natural gas, steam, or any other substance. The issue is that the pressure causes vibrations that can become sound waves. It can be a big problem in many settings. Luckily, in-line silencers and other models can help. Ventx is a leading expert in this field, so we can help clients to get the noise reductions they need.

Why is pipe diameter so important?

The diameter of the pipes in these systems is vital because of the affect on the flow rate. The larger it is, the more resources can get through at one time. This can be very useful, especially when transporting large volumes of gas.

Facility and pipeline designers put a lot of effort in to ensuring that the systems will be able to deliver the right flow rate. A big part of this is ensuring they choose pipes with the right diameter to achieve it.

An issue

However, there is a potential problem here. If the diameter of the tube is consistent everything should be fine. However, if there are points where the diameter changes, it can cause excessive noise. The issue is that the change in diameter will cause turbulence and vibrations and affect the flow rate. If a pipe suddenly becomes wider or narrower at points, it can get very noisy.

The obstacle to overcome here is that there are cases where it is tricky to avoid a change in diameter. For example the tube may need to narrow to create joints. This is common when it needs to enter things like control valves. Sadly, it can be very noisy here.

Using in-line silencers

One of the best things to do here is use silencers. They can fit into the pipelines to help reduce the noise. They do this in two ways. The first is by absorbing sound waves and converting them into heat. Secondly, they can provide some attenuation which sends the waves backwards.

Ventx is a top silencer designer and manufacturer with the skills to help clients in many industries. We can take care of lots of different issues, including noisy HVAC systems and gas pipelines. In each case we work to provide the most efficient and effective solutions.

So, if you have an issue and want to see if in-line silencers or other models will help, speak to us. We will give you our expert input and focus on getting the best results.