Separating dB from dBA

We are specialist designers of industrial silencers, able to support clients in all kinds of noisy industries. Our team works hard to ensure that clients have the tools they need to tackle their noise problems. It could be sound from a particular machine or piece of equipment, or a specific system or pipeline. In any case, we work to offer bespoke products that are safe as well as effective.

With the topic of noise, dB (decibels) is an important form of measurement. However, people often confuse it with dBA. They are not the same and you can’t use them interchangeably. To prevent any confusion, we are going to offer an explanation of both in this post.


The dB is what we use for decibel. As you may already know, it is a unit of sound measurement. What this specific unit measures is the strength of a signal or the loudness of a sound. It is computed as the signal to noise ratio.

We do commonly use dB whilst referring to measuring sound. But, humans are not able to hear each frequency equally. Due to this fact, those sound levels belonging to the low frequency end of the spectrum are lower. The human ear is more sensitive at high audio frequencies and less so at low ones.

Accounting for the frequencies

For you to account for this detail, it is necessary to produce different weightings. This is so you can provide a loudness measurement that factors in how our human ears can perceive sound. The most common weighting in many areas is “A”. Values you correct with this weighting system are in units of dBA.

So, when there are values that aren’t corrected to account for human hearing, we write them using dB. However, if you see them as dBA you can tell they factor in the A frequency. Hopefully this clears up any confusion surrounding the two units.

Work with us when you need industrial silencers

At Ventx, we can provide you with tools that accomplish your noise reduction needs. Our silencer knowledge is extensive, ensuring we can give you a solution for any need. You can work with us to design brand new facilities or re-mediate existing ones.

We can give you advice about different types of industrial silencers and arrange to create a product for you. We design each one to suit your facility, targeting the specific noise sources. So, if you need help with noise, contact our team.