Don’t work the machinery for too long and move things around

We work to offset the issues that occur because of industrial noise pollution. This is something we are able to accomplish by designing top tier industrial silencer equipment. These aren’t your everyday utensils; we design them to be bespoke for maximum benefits. So, when you do need one, you can rest easy knowing you can get the perfect solution with us.

Noise in the industrial sector is a problem that is sadly increasing. This is the case for employees and those residing close to noisy businesses. The noises can spoil what was once a healthy work environment. As a result, guidelines exist that dictate the level of sound you can expose people to at work. In this post, we want to discuss two things you can do to keep the levels down.

Operating times

To begin with, you should not operate your loud machinery for longer than the time the manufacturer recommends. Adhere to the guidelines they give you as exceeding them can cause excessive noise. This often happens because the equipment starts to suffer under excess strain or due to heat.

You should also measure the noise and map it. Figure out where and when it is going to be an issue through the use of sound level meters. Utilise them over a period of time so you can get a clear idea of how it changes over the day. It will help you to improve awareness about noise in the workplace.

Is there somewhere else you can work?

Another smart decision would be to move noisy projects elsewhere. Use different spots in the workplace for separate tasks. You should have the noisiest ones away from your primary work area if you can.

You can also try isolating the noise. Move your gear to a soundproof area if you have one. If not, you can try using sound proofing materials to create one. Alternatively, you can use sound enclosures to isolate individual noisy pieces of equipment. This means you can leave them where they are but still dampen the noise.

Speak to us to design an industrial silencer

At Ventx, we use acoustic modelling software to match our silencers to the specific application. This is important because the last thing we want to do is compromise the systems or equipment you already have. Our aim is actually to make them more efficient if possible.

In addition to benefiting your staff, our products will ensure that you are adhering to the UK environmental standards. That makes them a fantastic investment, whatever industry you belong to.

So, if you would like to work with us to create an industrial silencer, please get in touch. We can cater for all kinds of needs and love helping with new facility designs as well as remedial work.