Many things happen with steam distribution that increase noise

Industrial silencers aren’t something you see every day. When they do make an appearance though, it is always for a very good reason. You can use these tools to reduce noise coming from all kinds of sources. This includes a steam vent. The team will design something that fits in with the systems to reduce the sound and the harm it can cause.

When water gets to a temperature surpassing 212ºF, it starts becoming steam. In industrial settings, experts can use steam for a number of things, including heating and sterilisation. With the right system they can control the distribution of the steam. However, several things are going to happen here that can produce huge noise levels.

Higher temperatures

One thing that can happen is the steam becoming lighter when the temperature climbs. This can result in greater noise levels. So, you need to control the temperatures.


Something else that will lead to the noise increasing is a high mass flow. If there are any openings in your valves, they can increase it.

Also, the upstream pressure could be considerably louder than the downstream pressure. Here, the noise can hit much louder volumes too.

Increases in safety regulations

Contemporary industrial settings have to deal with increases in safety regulations. This is to save workers from injury because of workplace dangers. Noise is one of the areas where the regulations are now quite strict.

You need to address every source of noise in industrial settings. This includes steam vents. If the sound levels are too high, it can damage the hearing of the workers. Distractions due to the noises can cause other problems too.

It is here where we introduce steam vent silencers. They can lower noise to a point where it is safe for human ears. We can design them to address the specific level of noise, whether it is from continuous or emergency venting. Either way, the silencer will be there to help.

Multiple factors shall dictate your silencer’s application here. This includes how much attenuation is necessary as well as the allowable pressure drop. We will consider all of these factors to give you the best equipment.

Speak to us about steam vent silencing

At Ventx, we do everything in our power to ensure that clients receive the most suitable silencers. We have acoustic modelling software we can use to match each design to the particular application. This will maximise safety and also ensure you will be complying with the UK environmental standards.

So, if you need our help to tackle steam vent noise, feel free to contact us. We work in any industry, utilising our extensive knowledge and experience.