Safety valves on steam boilers

Steam boilers are a popular choice for a huge array of industrial facilities. They can be used to provide power, heating, or to produce steam for various uses. However, there is an inherent risk here because the pressure can vary. If you are not careful, it could build to such a level that the boiler explodes. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this. The most reliable is to use safety valves. However, that can also mean you need to invest in a safety valve silencer too. Below we will look at why.

Over pressure conditions

The pressure of the steam in a boiler can increase for a number of reasons. Some of the most common include electrical power failure, a problem with the isolation valve, or an imbalance in the feedwater rate. The latter can send too much water into the system so it creates excessive steam and increases the pressure.

If you don’t address over pressure conditions it can cause fatal issues. A boiler explosion could result in serious harm to people in the vicinity and elsewhere on the site. It could also potentially cause a massive amount of damage to the building and any equipment within it. The financial repercussions could be huge.

The way to tackle the issue is to use safety valves. They ensure that a boiler cannot exceed a maximum safe pressure level. When the pressure does start to rise, the nozzle in the valve will start to make a simmering noise. As it rises more, a spring will lift a disc in the valve to redirect the stream to a vent. This can make a loud popping noise. The venting steam can also emit a loud noise due to the difference in pressure. However, it will stop the boiler from exploding by bringing the level back down.

In many cases a steam boiler will have two or three sets of safety valves. This provides sufficient measures to address over pressure conditions. If there is ever a situation when the valves need to open, it is important to inspect the boiler and all valves. Then it may be necessary to clean, repair, and recertify each valve.

Tackling the noise with a safety valve silencer

While they are essential, as we said above the valves can cause a lot of noise if they need to open. This should only happen rarely. If it is a regular problem, you need to look at the system because there is a potentially serious issue.

In terms of the noise, a safety valve silencer is a great investment. They can reduce all kinds of noises from the system, including the simmering, popping, and loud venting. This can make facilities much safer.

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