Important considerations for gas path silencers

Our main goal is to help clients fight against the issues brought forward by industrial noise pollution. To do so, we supply a specific suite of tools. We have the skills to design industrial silencers to suit any needs. They can come in a multitude of designs, including the vent silencer as well as options for things like safety valves, compressors, and more.

In truth, there are many things that can produce loud noises in different industries. A gas turbine exhaust is a good example. This is an essential component of the whole system. What these turbines do is generate rotational movements. Said movements turn liquid fuel and gases into mechanical energy.

These are important systems to say the least. However, there are concerns to think about. If you don’t design them adequately, they could release an unrestrained degree of noise. It can harm people’s hearing and also cause many other serious problems.

Accurate installation

To manage the volume of such systems, you have to install a silencer accurately. For you to complete this task, you have to start by pinpointing the source of the noise so you know what you need to deal with. Anyone who positions the silencer improperly won’t get the right results. In some cases it can make things much worse, so you must avoid it.

The thing to keep in mind here is there are separate paths for the noise to move through. Examples can include the exhaust circuit or the actual turbine. You will need to inspect a few different elements of your system. This can include turbulence, vibration and acoustic resonance, as well as the airflow direction.


It is not possible for manufacturers to create the ideal silencer unless you have the right measurements for the system. Some people don’t carefully think about the dimensions and space. If you fail to do this, your new silencer probably won’t improve the situation. The work can involve evaluating every measurement according to separate components of the system. Necessary ones shall include length, width, and height at the very least.

Speak to us to get the perfect vent silencer

At Ventx, we match every silencer to each application. This is something we do through the use of our acoustic modelling software. It analyses your system and then provides us with the information necessary to develop the right product. That means much better results for you.

So, if you require a vent silencer, or something a little different, feel free to contact us. We can handle everything else to give you the noise reduction you need.