An explanation for those noisy air vents

In order to effectively reduce the noise your facility produces, you need the proper tools. Our company happens to specialise in this area. We use the latest software to create utensils that are perfect for you. Our team can use it to design the ideal vent silencer or something similar.

All air vents make a noise when the system fans are operating. Such a situation is normal. Of course, some systems produce louder sounds than others do. They are quite a bit louder actually. To give an example, a home with sufficient return air ducting shall be quieter than a set up with one big return grille. This is one that is cut directly into the equipment’s return duct. There is technically nothing wrong with this but it will be on the louder side.

A lack of return air

The complaint that pops up the most with these systems is that there is a tuning fork sort of noise. Normally, this is because there is a lack of return air. However, it is not always the case. The system must pull more air. Therefore, the velocity and pressure increases. This leads to an increase in sound. By introducing an increased level of return air, the pressure goes down. The system does not have to function as hard. As a result, it quiets down.

You are probably wondering why there may be a lack of return air. It could be that the ductwork was not installed properly or is just undersized. The answer could be as straightforward as having a blockage in the air filter. The system must move a certain degree of air. If there are blockages, then there will be a pressure problem. This causes the noise levels to increase.

What kind of vent silencer do you need?

At Ventx, we can provide you with solutions to help control the noise coming from your own vents. Our team has had the honour to work with a large variety of clients over the years. Whenever someone comes to us asking for help, we go out of our way to provide them with a suitable silencer.

If you require a vent silencer as well, please let us know. Just tell us about your systems and we can design a suitable solution.