Knowing when there is too much noise

It eventually gets to the point where noise problems become too much to handle. If you do not attend to them, the loud sounds can result in many issues. The solution is to nip the problem in the bud and think about noise reduction. We can help you by supplying a first rate blow off silencer to help with this.

The trouble with noise is that it is sometimes difficult to see how much of it is too extreme for healthy hearing. We measure the sound in decibels. The majority of professionals concur anything underneath 70 decibels is a sufficient level for your hearing health. There are a few easy ways for you to gauge what is more than this.


Let’s use the example of a regular conversation. Speaking with someone next to you will be about 60 decibels. This is an excellent way of measuring other sounds you encounter in your life. Something you experience could be louder than an individual discussing matters with you in a regular voice. If so, there is a decent chance it is exceeding the limit of 70 decibels.

Too loud to be safe

You could also think about the amount of noise coming from headphones we use in our mobile devices. Turning your stock headphones up to the maximum means you can expect to experience about 100 decibels of noise. This is far too loud to be safe. At the same time, it provides an idea of what is normal and what isn’t.

By using frames like these to think about the noises surrounding you, it is possible to retain an idea of what could be damaging your hearing. Things like televisions that you turn up to a loud volume can harm you. Things like power tools can also be noisy enough to cause damage if you use them for very long periods.

Designing a blow off silencer

At Ventx, we have more than a decade of experience working in silencer design. Our team uses this in addition to our acoustic knowledge and quality manufacturing skills to produce top notch products. We serve clients in many industries with our practical and cost effective solutions.

So, if you want to design a blow off silencer or any other model, please contact us. You can even come to us to talk about the noises you have to deal with. We can then offer advice about what silencers to use.