Protecting your vents and silencers

Noise is a big problem in a variety of buildings and facilities. Luckily, we can help by offering silencers to suit an array of requirements. We are proud to be one of the most successful vent silencer designers in the UK. Our clients come from many industries, ranging from manufacturing to petro chem as well as many more. As a result, we have a wealth of experience and industry specific knowledge.


Some of the loudest noises come from discharge vents. They can be on a variety of systems, including cooling loops, HVAC systems, and natural gas pipelines. The loud sounds occur because high pressure gas or steam is vented and returning to atmospheric pressure.

The solution here is to use a vent discharge silencer. The models combine elements of diffuser and absorptive silencers. As a result gas or steam that enters can expand. This reduces the pressure and means there isn’t as much of a difference between it and the atmosphere outside. The end result is it generates much less noise when you need to vent the gas or steam.


Many people will design their vent silencer purely with the noise reduction in mind. However, there are two other things you must also consider.

The first is the weather. Depending on the setting and location of the vent, you may need to choose a weather hood. This can prevent rain, hail, and snow from getting into the silencer. That is important as the moisture could cause issues inside it.

A second thing to think about is birds. You may not think this is a concern but it can be a big problem. There have been many cases of birds getting into vents and causing substantial damage. You definitely don’t want this if you are investing in a silencer with an absorptive core and diffuser. Any damage to either of them can affect the performance of the silencer. So, with that in mind you may need to choose bird screens to fit on your vents to prevent entry.

Talk to us to design a vent silencer

Whether you vent gas or steam regularly or solely during emergencies, you should think about the noise. Ventx can offer exceptional technical assistance here. We are a leader in our industry thanks to our expertise and experience.

Our goal on every project is to offer maximum noise reduction. To do this we design the silencer to suit the specific system and parameters. It will therefore be the right shape, the proper dimensions, and feature suitable diffuser and absorptive core sections.

So, if you are having issues with noise, why not ask us to design a vent silencer for you? It could be one of the best investments you make. Contact us today and we will get started.