Occupational noise mistakes that businesses must avoid

Anyone who has experience with industrial noise pollution will know how troublesome it is. It can cause many health issues, some of which are irreversible. To help prevent them, we design and provide a series of silencing products. This includes our attenuators. We create these devices specifically to reduce the noise in your work environments.

The thing about businesses is that they can make a series of occupational noise mistakes. Some simply go about their work and don’t give the noise much thought. In order to avoid the issues though, you need to know what they are and how to address them.

Leave it as it is

Mistake number one is the most obvious one; it is neglecting to do anything about the noise. The reason why this is troublesome is that you could be exposing your staff and anyone else who enters the property to extreme noise levels. That can leave people with serious ear damage and other health problems.

To rectify this issue, start by identifying where there could be noise risks. Then, create a list of the people who are most likely to be affected. Lastly, acquire an attenuator to deal with the noise. You may also need to invest in ear protection and signage.

Underestimating the problem

A second mistake businesses make is underestimating the problem. Noise is not visible to our eyes. Therefore, it is easy to overlook it and miss a major hazard. Even when they recognise the issue, they may underestimate what they need to do to solve it.

Some businesses will believe they can simply use Personal Protective Equipment. Sadly, this is not an especially effective form of noise control. Instead, it is best to use PPE in tandem with noise control measures that are more efficient. This includes attenuators.

Let us design an attenuator for you

At Ventx we use acoustic modelling software to ensure we provide the right products for every client. With it we can analyse your systems, allowing us to design silencers that suit your specific needs. This is vital as each application is unique. The silencer must be as well or it can cause more harm than good.

If you would like our help to create an attenuator, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We support clients in many noisy industries, including nuclear, manufacturing, and petro-chem.