Changing silencers in pneumatic equipment

You can find pneumatic equipment in all kinds of settings, including industrial facilities, public buildings, and many vehicles. It is vital for operations. However, the use of compressed air can be noisy. This is especially true when venting through exhaust ports in valves. To address the problem, you may need an in-line silencer or a series of them.

The great thing about silencers is the right design can take away a huge amount of noise. You could reduce it by as much as 30-40 dB(A). That will make a huge difference to people in the area. Keep in mind that we perceive a 10 dB(A) reduction as the sound level halving.

Overall, the use of silencers can provide a huge array of benefits. Most notable is the big decrease in operational noise. That can ensure you don’t expose people to loud sounds and reduces the risk of hearing damage. In turn it can make the whole working environment better and means a smaller impact on the wider area. Plus, it can improve performance.

Old silencers

However, there is an important thing to keep in mind here. Installing an in-line silencer or any other style is not a one-and-done situation. You need to think about maintenance and how to keep them in the best condition.

The thing about pneumatic systems is the silencers tend to have small holes to adapt the sound frequency of the air so it is less harmful. The issue here is that impurities in the air and dirt that gets in can cause blockages. The air flow will slowly reduce here as deposits build up. Eventually the system may fail.

What you need to do here is be proactive with the maintenance. When you have scheduled downtime for equipment, you should check the silencers. You can then clean or replace any that are dirty.

This kind of approach is much better than installing silencers and then never checking them. It can reduce the risk of unplanned downtime. Plus, it is important for safety. Keep in mind that a clog could allow pressure to build in the system. If it gets too high there could be an explosion.

Speak to us if you need an in-line silencer

Ventx understands how valuable pneumatic equipment is. Many industries would be vastly different if it didn’t exist. For example, manufacturing and fabrication would be unrecognisable. You probably wouldn’t have large scale operations like production lines.

However, it is vital to think about noise here. The operator has an obligation to protect their employees and provide safe working environments. Plus, they have environmental responsibilities. The solution is to choose silencers to keep the noise down.

We are always happy to provide high quality products, whether you need an in-line silencer or another model. You can expect the best solutions from us because we design them specifically for your site and equipment. So, get in touch today and start looking at noise reduction.