Earplugs and headphones are only temporary solutions

Our business has been assisting clients with their noise control needs for a long time. We have done this through the use of acoustic modelling software. With it we can get an idea of the problems and then deliver the most effective silencers. These products are meant to minimise the noise in and around your facilities. What makes our solutions so special is that we design them to fit with your current systems to ensure the best results.

With factory workers, one recurring complaint is the sheer level of noise. Usually, you find large equipment and machinery in these environments. In addition, there are often loud vents and fans to provide ventilation and air conditioning. Excessive sound does more than simply influencing the workers’ professional life. It also damages their personal lives and hearing. Luckily, there are multiple methods of noise control available to lower it to a safe level.

Hearing protection

The first thing you can try doing is using industrial earplugs or noise cancelling headphones. These items are acceptable ways of limiting exposure to loud sounds. It is essential for the hearing protection to fit properly here. People must wear them at all times when they are in loud areas.

There are multiple choices here for you, but it is ultimately up to the employer and end user. Businesses have a responsibility to ensure they provide suitable PPE. Even so, this is merely a temporary solution. It is a much more effective option to tackle the problem at its source.

How to tackle the sources of noise

To attempt to tackle the problem at the source, you will typically require a silencer. Add one to your equipment and you could have a major reduction in sound levels.

The solution you use for the source shall depend on the machines/equipment that generate the sounds. In addition, the environment where the noise source is located and the application are also important. For this reason, we provide multiple silencer designs. There is no universal answer to every problem here, so it is better to choose a bespoke product.

Talk to us about noise control solutions

At Ventx, we are able to provide a myriad of silencer designs for noise control purposes. This is possible thanks to our expertise and the resources we have access to. We use the latest software to inspect your systems. From there, we take what we learn to design and manufacture a first rate solution for you. Your silencer shall work without compromising the systems you already have.

So, if you need to use our services, feel free to contact us. We can offer new installations, upgrades, and even help with site design.