Piping and venting high temperature steam

Ventx is one of the leading authorities in the UK when it comes to high quality silencer products. We can deliver specialist items to minimise noise from various pieces of equipment as well as inlets, outlets, and more. We even create steam vent silencers for an array of industries. Working with us is the best way to keep noise levels down without compromising the systems in your facility.

Steam is the result of vapours given off by water when it boils at extreme temperatures. A number of industries have to deal with it. They either produce it intentionally or as a by-product of other operations. The steam can be very high temperatures, which makes it very difficult to handle. You need the right infrastructure in place to do this.

Several industries use pipes to handle the steam. It gives them a way to direct it from one location to another. In the contemporary industrial world, steam comes in handy for sanitation, propulsion, and heating. You are able to spot pipes in all these applications. You can also often see vents when it is necessary to release any of the gas.

Modern uses

In modern times, steam is mainly utilised in heating. It is a source of indirect and direct heat. Examples of these applications include reactors, boilers, chemical plants, refineries, and factories.

The steam pipe has responsibility here for moving the hot air to within the application area. A system may also use a heat exchanger to help with heating or cooling. Plus, there will likely be a vent or series of them to release any excess gas.

The infrastructure used in such applications, including steam vents, can produce a lot of noise. So, a silencer will typically be necessary to keep sound levels down. Ventx has the skills to provide steam vent silencers to help here.


Another area where steam piping and venting is present is sanitisation. This is the case for domestic as well as industrial level work. The heat can kill all kinds of micro-organisms, including mould and bacteria. If it is high pressure, the steam can penetrate deep into various materials to sterilise them.


While the steam can sanitise items effectively, it also has uses for cleaning. For example, industries using coal and oil as fuel sources need soot blowers to cleanse surface walls. Steam’s high temperature comes in handy for breaking down dirt, grease, and other things, disposing of any deposits.

Speak to us about steam vent silencers

At Ventx, we can create an array of industrial silencer models for an every growing list of needs. The types of silencers you can choose from include air compressor, generator, and fan models, as well as options for inlets, outlets, and safety valves.

So, if you would like to work with us next time you need steam vent silencer or any other solutions, feel free to get in touch. Every product we offer is bespoke for the client to deliver optimal results.