Understanding why your air vents are noisy

The goal at Ventx is to provide noise mitigation solutions for all kinds of industrial facilities. These solutions come in the form of our silencers. Using specialist software, we can examine the working environments, noise sources, and transmission paths. Once we have sufficient info, we can then design a suitable air vent silencer or similar model to tackle the sound problem.

Noisy air vents are annoying. However, they can potentially mean serious trouble too. Hearing a small amount of sound when a HVAC system is operational is normal. Yet, you might start hearing strange noises like squeaking, clicking, or rattling. If you do, then you will have to take a look at the system to find the cause.

What we want to do in this post is talk about noisy vents, some of the causes, and what you can do about them.

Duct joints

One of the reasons you may have a noisy vent is due to disjointed ducts. If you hear clanking or rattling sounds, the duct joints could be disconnected or loose. You can use metal tape to reconnect them. For a long term solution though, you will have to contact an expert to fix the ducts.

Electrical control issues

There might be a “click” once your air shuts off or kicks on. This is a normal sound from an air vent. If there is constant clicking though, there may be a problem with the electrical control in your thermostat. Additionally, there may be a system relay disruption. Replacing an old relay switch requires careful handling, so you are better off speaking to an expert.

Malfunctioning compressors

One other issue you could have is a malfunctioning compressor. These problems are no laughing matter. You need to tackle them as soon as possible. Hissing might mean that the pressure is too great. As for humming, it could be pointing to a compressor that is straining to work. Failing compressors can make a grinding noise too. Again it is better to ask an expert to help; it may be necessary to repair or replace the compressor.

Take action

If you choose to ignore the noise that is coming from your HVAC systems, there can be bigger problems for you later on. This may come in the form of costly repairs or potentially dangerous situations. It would be wise not to risk it.

If you hear whistling or similar noises, you may be able to sort the problem out yourself. If you rectify the problems but there is still noise you can’t tolerate, you will want to install a silencer. These devices fit into your system and lower the noise they produce to acceptable levels. The area will be far more peacefully with one around.

Speak to us for a bespoke air vent silencer

At Ventx, we have worked with an extensive list of clients to help them overcome their noise concerns. Our team is able to offer a wide variety of silencers to meet all requirements. They include options for air vents, steam vents, and individual pieces of plant.

So, if you require an air vent silencer or any other type of product, please give us a call. We can provide solutions to make your facility quieter, making it safer for people and reducing the distracting sounds.